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Steps to Study in UK

Here I will share some useful information about my study experience in Glasgow. I have been accepted in Ph.D. Program in Mathematical Statistics at the University of Strathclyde. But I didn't pass the required bands in IELTS, so I joined the Pre-sessional English Program which I recommend for postgraduate students especially in the UK. And now I will show the steps that I follow to start officially in University of Strathclyde

For Kuwaiti Students only: Before you start the process to apply for your postgraduate study, make sure that your selected University is listed in the National Bureau for Academic Accreditation And Education Quality, check the list here

Also, make sure that you did your IELTS exam (Academic and UKVI), and you achieved the 6.5 score and above, if not, then 5.0 score will give you a chance but through the Pre-sessional English Program (3-months).

For Ph.D. students, you should choose a subject, make sure you choose something you are truly passionate about. If the subject inspires you, you are much more likely to be successful in both your studies and future jobs.

First: I went to the University website, and I did my long application, and I submitted the requirements documents:

1- Passport digital copy

2- Biometric Id Card (Civil ID)

3- Your master or BS transcripts

4- Official Certificate degree of your BS or Master

5- Copy of your recent IELTS (Should be Academic and UKVI)

UKVI IELTS can be applied in: Apply for UKVI IELTS TEST

7- At least two recommendation letter (see an example)

8- Your personal statement about why you want to complete your study in the UK (see an example)

Second: You will have several conservation between you and one member belong to admission department, once you received your acceptance letter, then, wait until you receive the CAS number or reference and that is very important to apply for student VISA.

Third: If you receive an email showing your CAS letter information, you have to make sure that all the information is accurate according to your previous information, sometimes you will figure about some mistakes especially in starting and ending date for the program. Because if the information in your CAS letter doesn't match the information in your acceptance letter, then the UK Embassy will reject your student VISA. So, it is your responsibility to check for that.

Fourth: Apply for ATAS Certificate. The Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) requires all international students subject to existing UK immigration permissions, who are applying to study for a postgraduate qualification in certain sensitive subjects, knowledge of which could be used in programmes to develop weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) or their means of delivery, to apply for an Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate before they can study in the UK.

Fifth: After you confirmed the accuracy of your details information, you should now apply for student VISA (Tier-4 VISA), Apply here

Sixth: After you end with your Tier-4 VISA application, then you should book an appointment to submit your supporting evidence related to your admission application. I advise you to bring all your document that you presented to the University as it mentioned in "First" and also, you have to print the CAS letter and some Universities they send you a document for the VISA application.

Seventh: After two weeks from your appointment, you will receive a text message inviting you to collect your Passport with the student VISA.

Eighth: After you receive the Tier-4 Student Visa, now you can book your flight ticket, and you can also book your accommodation there. For accommodation booking, I recommend the following galleries in Glasgow, and also they have branches around the UK:

Finally: Once you reach to the UK, make sure to not miss the orientation meeting by the University, this is very important because the University will explain for you what the steps that you have to do it in the UK to avoid any governmental issues such as taxes or legal issues.

All the best for your study, and If you have any question, please let us know about it

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