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Survey Design & Data Collection

Let our experts help you through the survey process

The survey process has many distinct parts, several of which require statistical or psychometric analysis. Our team can assist with all of the quantitative parts of the survey research process, including specifying the initial survey, developing the sampling plan, conducting psychometric tests for reliability, validity, and power, and analyzing the data from the responses. 

Specifying the Initial Survey

ACS survey development process begins with a consultation to understand the constructs you are interested in measuring. We work with you to operationalize your variables and constructs for future analysis, and to make choices such as whether or not to use open-ended or free-response questions, or using a Likert scale versus other options. We can also analyze data from a pilot study to test for preliminary reliability and validity of the instrument. 

Developing the Sampling Plan

Once the survey instrument is generated, we can discuss your sampling methodology, and help you to choose among the various options such as

  • Random or stratified sampling 

  • Purposeful, convenience, or probabilistic sampling

  • Paper versus an online survey such as Survey Monkey


Tests for Reliability, Validity, and Power

When we have the results of your survey, we can check for various types of validity (such as discriminant, convergent, and concurrent validity) and reliability (such as split-half, Cronbach’s alpha, or test-retest reliability). We can also run confirmatory factor analyses with Smart-PLS or AMOS, and can test for statistical power to establish the required sample size for your survey.

Data Analysis

Once the responses to the survey have been received, we can conduct the statistical analysis based on the pre-determined methodology. We are familiar with all of the standard quantitative methods most commonly used in evaluating the responses from survey research. We are also experienced in qualitative analysis, and therefore can explore themes in open-ended research questions, frequently utilizing the qualitative analysis package Nvivo.

Online Survey Tools

We are very familiar with the leading online survey tools, including SurveyMonkey and Smartsurvey.  If you are using either of these tools, we can help via inputting the survey into the tool for you, or downloading and collating the data outputs.   If you are unsure of which survey tool to use, we can suggest which would be best for your particular study, and can do all of the back-office work for you. 


We understand the importance and necessity of confidentiality, and provide all of our prospective clients with a Non-Disclosure Agreement immediately upon contact. This ensures you that your research will not be shared with any third parties, and your consultation with us is completely confidential.

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