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Mon, Sep 23


مدينة الكويت

Data Analytics for Medical Research

Welcome to the "Data Analytics for Medical Research" workshop. This comprehensive 2-day program is designed to equip medical researchers, healthcare professionals, and data analysts with the essential skills needed to effectively analyze and interpret medical data.

Data Analytics for Medical Research
Data Analytics for Medical Research

Time & Location

Sep 23, 2024, 5:00 PM GMT+3 – Sep 24, 2024, 8:30 PM GMT+3

مدينة الكويت, Hunting and Equestrian Club, Block No. 11, Jaber Al Ahmad Hospital Street, مدينة الكويت، Kuwait

About the event

The topics covered in the workshop will be as follows

Note: All training applications are came from real studies from many published papers in Medical Journals

Day 1 will focus on the foundational aspects of data analytics:

  • We will begin with an overview of statistical analysis for medical publications, highlighting the importance of precise and accurate data interpretation in producing high-quality research.
  • Next, we will delve into data cleaning and preparation, ensuring that you can manage and preprocess your datasets effectively.
  • We will explore descriptive analysis techniques to summarize and visualize your data, making it easier to identify key patterns and insights.
  • The session on correlation analysis will help you understand relationships between variables, which is critical for hypothesis testing and further analysis.
  • Finally, we will cover best practices for formatting tables and figures to meet publication standards, enhancing the clarity and impact of your research findings.

Day 2 will advance to more complex topics:

  • We will start with an introduction to statistical modeling, providing you with the tools to create and validate predictive models.
  • The logistic regression session will focus on its application in medical research, particularly for binary outcomes such as disease presence or absence.
  • Handling missing values is a common challenge in medical data; we will discuss various imputation methods to address this issue.
  • Implementing machine learning techniques will expand your analytical capabilities, allowing you to discover deeper insights and patterns within your data.
  • Finally, we will explore the use of AI tools in medical research, demonstrating how these cutting-edge technologies can enhance your analytical workflows and research outcomes.

Throughout the workshop, you will engage in practical exercises using real-world medical datasets. These hands-on activities are designed to reinforce your learning and provide you with the confidence to apply these techniques independently.

By the end of this workshop, you will have a solid understanding of the key concepts and methods in data analytics for medical research. You will be well-prepared to conduct sophisticated analyses, contribute to impactful research publications, and leverage advanced tools to enhance your research productivity.

What the workshop includes?

1- Hands-on practices using the latest version of the JAMOVI package.

2- Training manual (Online system) with step-by-step processes to practice on all discussed exercises.

3- Workshop certificate.

4- Coffee/Tea throughout the workshop.


Registration fees = 90 KWD, 

For Students, fees = 60 KWD


Dr Ahmed Alsaber -- Data Analyst

Dr Rajesh Rajan -- Medical Epidemiology

Contact us:


mobile: +965 95545930

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