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Data Analytics Services


Get the insights you need with ACS.

Data Analytics Consulting Sessions

ACS advise you on how you can present the results of your analyses or tests in more informative and engaging ways - helping you turn data and analysis into insights you can easily put into practice.

Quantitative Analysis


Statistical Analysis is the bridge between the data you have and the insight you need. The scope ranges from simple summaries and exploratory analyses to complex modelling and hypothesis testing. Our analysis service lets your data speak - delivering the information you need to make intelligent decisions.

Qualitative Analysis 


Qualitative analytics give you insight and understanding from text-based data. These can be obtained from comments on your website, free-response surveys, interviews, focus groups, documents and social media – anywhere where people are able to express an opinion.

We have a sophisticated suite of tools that turn free-text responses into actionable insights.

Data processing using SPSS, R, STATA, Excel

After the relevant data has been collected our team in ACS will clean,  process, organize and get the data ready for analysis. Also, programming solutions will be exist in order to do some data condition(s).

Our Business Model for Data analytics solutions


Book an appointment

To understand your finding(s)

fees for initial meeting = 25 KWD


Contract approval

Based on the initial meeting, we will issue the contract that will cover your data analytics needs

The fees is vary because it is depending on the nature and the purpose of the analysis a set of statistical methodologies will be applied in order to extract the required information. This information will be presented to the final user with a report and/or presentation.


Consulting meeting

After we get the approval of our contract, we will perform our report based on the phases that defined in the contract. A consulting meeting will be set by the end of each phase to discuss the results and the progress of the analytics report.


Final Report

ACS will submit the final technical report

We will make any required changes related to our report within a month from the date of the final submission.   


Final Approve of the project

A final meeting session will be performed in order to discuss the changes if there is and to approve all the data analytics project.

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