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New approaches of statistical analysis

Prepared by Ahmad Alsaber

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Data-science versus Statistics

1) Data science is a combination of three different majors (Mathematics, Statistics, and Programming).


2) The fields differ in their modeling processes, the size of their data, the types of problems studied, the background of the people in the field, and the language used. However, the fields are closely related. 

3) Both statistics and data science aim to extract knowledge from data.

Ahmad Alsaber, CEO of ACS

What is Statistical learning


Statistical Learning

Artificial Intelligence is the broader umbrella under which Machine Learning and Deep Learning come. And you can also see in the diagram that even deep learning is a subset of Machine Learning. So all three of them AI, machine learning and deep learning are just the subsets of each other. So let us move on and understand how exactly they are different from each other. 


Recommender systems are an essential feature in our digital world. Recommendation engines are everywhere these days. Some of the biggest brands we engage with every day are built around one, including Netflix, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. More than a third of purchases on Amazon or Alibaba come from product recommendations. So, what is a recommendation engine, and how does it work?


Association rule mining

Association rule mining finds interesting associations and relationships among large sets of data items or in the case of retail or e-commerce from transactions. This rule shows how frequently a good or service set occurs in a transaction. A typical example is a Market Based Analysis.

Data Science in Kuwait?
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