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Data Analytic


Ahmad R. Alsaber

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Goal 1


Get data and installing the required softwares

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Goal 2

Data Management and Descriptive Analysis

Learn how to build database, coding, descriptive, reliability, consistency analysis, type of variables, chi-square (test of independency), normality analysis, graphs.

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Goal 3

Normality, Reliability and test of hypothesis 

test of hypothesis, t test, paired test, ANOVA, ANCOVA, parametric, non-parametric, repeated measures ANOVA.

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Goal 4

Correlation, modeling and factor analysis

correlation analysis, modeling (regression, logistic regression, GLM). 


Goal 5

Reporting Results

Reporting results (academic and non academic interpretations)

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Test your knowledge

All goals test are attached here, you should receive more than 70% to pass this course

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Sample size

Sample Size Estimates

This study aimed to explain the basic concepts of sample size calculation and power analysis; the process of sample estimation

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Try RStudio

You can use this platform for data analysis using RStudio

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Survey Analysis

Data can do beautiful things, but turning your survey results into clear, compelling analysis isn’t always a straightforward task. We’ve collected our tips for survey analysis along with a beginner’s guide to survey data and analysis tools.

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